Peter Horcin – Luthier

Violin maker Peter Horcin gained his education and experience in Europe where he was a pupil of Yugoslavian Master Violin Maker Jan Nemcek and later closely collaborated with Slovakian violin maker Juraj Vancik, (named “Slovakia’s Best Violin Maker” in 2006).

In 2006 Peter participated in his first National Luthier competition in Slovakia where he achieved second place. His experience is based on 16 years of instrument making, (producing 24 handmade instruments) repairing all kind of instruments, from antique (in collaboration with museums) to all modern stringed instruments (in collaboration with opera houses and musical schools).

Peter graduated in 2008 with a PhD degree in Physical and Acoustical Properties of spruce and maple wood for violin making.

Peter has put his OE on hold and currently lives in the Bay of Plenty working on set ups of, as well as repairing bow musical instruments and bows.

“When you think it’s not possible to fix a stringed instrument, that is wrong. Virtually any instrument can be repaired, it is always only a question of ‘if it’s worth it’ to fix that instrument.”

Please follow this link for more information on instrument set-up.