Cason CS-1 Tuner Last Minute News Flash


Clip touchscreen rechargeable tuner

 Hi Guys’ Merry Xmas, and I hope it’s going gangbusters for you.

I Know, this is a crazy time to be sending out emails like this and I won’t be offended if you hit DELETE!!  but we are confirming our order for a great new TOUCH SCREEN, RECHARGABLE, CLIP-ON TUNER on Monday and I just thought of you guys. We won’t be holding big stocks, so….

The plan is to have them for the start of term one to catch the new year sales.

Yep, TOUCH SCREEN, USB RECHARGABLE! I don’t think they are available anywhere else in NZ – they were only released at the NAMM Music Exhibition this year.

We’ve tested them and they are very clear, responsive and accurate. Touch the screen to select guitar, bass, ukulele, violin or chromatic functions.

Cost is $19.00 + GST, suggest retail of $32.00 – $35.00.

Won’t take up any more of your time, please if you want some, let us know by midday Monday and we will add you to the list.