ENCORE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS import, wholesale and sell musical instruments and accessories direct. We endeavour to offer a range of quality instruments that meet the needs of musicians, from the new student to the professional musician, focusing on new and advancing students, at prices that are realistic and affordable.

The range is constantly being expanded and refined to ensure our inventory provides the best value and quality available. We seek and listen to the opinions of musicians and music experts in assessing new and existing instruments.

The current range includes Brass and Woodwind; Acoustic and Electric Violins, Violas, Cellos and Double Basses; Acoustic and Electric Guitars; Percussion, Instrument Cases and Accessories. Expansion of the range is on-going.

Although wholesalers / distributors to the retail sector, we also supply direct to schools, bands and to the public. We do not have a retail store or showroom, therefore marketing is by direct representation, organised on-site displays and through the internet.

For additional information on instruments, or anything to do with Encore Musical instruments, contact us via email or phone:-
Phone: +64 7 5444 249

About our Flagship Suppliers

GABRIEL INSTRUMENTS (Manufactured by Jinyin Musical Instrument Group)

The Jinyin Group began manufacturing musical instruments for export in 1979 and has become a leader in the Chinese musical industry.

To help realise its stated goal of becoming internationally recognised, Jinyin formed a successful Sino-American joint venture with top international professionals and renowned American music universities.

In order to meet their high quality and production goals, Jinyin invests heavily in state-of-the-art production equipment and adopts advanced production technologies and quality management practices. To advance its quality systems and culture, in 2001 Jinyin became the first Chinese company in the industry to gain ISO 9002 quality certification.

In 2004, Jinyin won industry acclaim with the successful launch of the EVA series of intermediate and high-end grade musical instruments.

Then in 2006, the JY2000 series, designed to meet the specific needs of music students was launched and has proven highly successful.

In a typical year, Jinyin produces around 15,000 Saxophones, 25,000 flutes, 20,000 Clarinet, 7000 Piccolos, 50,000 Violins, Violas, Cellos and Double Basses  and many thousands of French Horns, Trumpets and Trombones.


Amati-Denak is a Czech company which has manufactured fine European high quality woodwind and brass instruments for over 200 years.

“We take full advantage of our skilled work-force, our strong tradition and the modern technology needed in manufacturing modern musical instruments.”

All brass instruments are made in Amati-Denak’s Kraslice factory, a tradition dating back to the eighteenth century. Amati-Denak’s production volumes put them in the top three instrument manufacturers in Europe.

V F Cerveny, (established in 1842) is part of the Amati-Denak group of Companies. Cerveny, innovators in the industry, designed the original rotary valve and claim to still make the best rotary valves.

The Amati tradition of fine craftsmanship guarantees the high quality of their instruments. Every instrument is fully serviced, inspected and play-tested before leaving the factory, ensuring the highest control of quality.